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Come and enjoy an evening in the style of your noble ancestors. The setting is within an old castle somewhere in the countryside of merry olde England. The time is the 16th century in the month of December to celebrate the coming of Christmas. In candlelit splendor, a succulent banquet will be served. You will be welcomed and attended by the Lords and Ladies of the Court in their colorful period costumes, entertained by jesters, minstrels, and musicians for a time of fun and reflection that will whisk you away from the chaos of the world.

A Madrigal Dinner is simply described as a time when you come to eat a fine meal and the actors entertain you in song. Music, drama, the visual arts, and not the least, the culinary arts, all combine into a unique integrated aesthetic experience unleashing the imaginations of all involved, especially the audience.

Hosted by Quaker Haven Camp and the Lakes Area Players, the Madrigal Dinner is filled with warm and loving characters that will fill you with the holiday spirit. Lord William and Lady Elizabeth welcome you to their home in the sharing of their table and to celebrate the season of joy and the advent coming of the Christ Child. Singers will process through the hall in song, the court jester will charm you with his wit, the sharing of a sparkling toast from the Wassail Bowl, the presentation of the Boar’s Head, and a concert of holiday carols with the telling of the Christmas story from the book of Luke will fill each attendee with the warmth and true spirit of Christmas.

Doors open a half hour before each performance. As guests arrive, they will be greeted by wandering Minstrels and Jugglers. Tickets include the show and meal. For ticket information, contact Quaker Haven Camp at 574-834-4193 prompt #1.

This is a listing of our upcoming performances:
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